What Is State Sponsored Terrorism Definition Essay

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State-Sponsored Terrorism: The Relationship between Hizballah and the Iranian Government

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Most of the countries involved in state-sponsored terrorism make modest attempts to disassociate themselves with terrorist organizations. These countries do this in hopes that the United Nations will not place sanctions. More often than not, these countries continue their support of various terrorist groups. They support the terrorist organization in various ways: financially, training, supplies. Iran has remained the most active state sponsor of terrorism to date (State Department, 2013). Iran supports several different terrorist organizations, including Hamas, Palestine Islamic Jihad, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command and Hizballah. Often times, Iran is involved in the planning and support of different…show more content…

The common definition of state-sponsored terrorism is terrorism practiced by a government against its own people or in support of international terrorism. Currently, there are only four countries that are on the US State Department’s list of State Sponsors of Terrorism: Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria. These countries have been accused of providing different types of aid to several different terrorist organizations throughout the world.

A country is placed on the State Sponsor list when it has demonstrated to the United States government they frequently give support to terrorist organizations. The United States government automatically places four sanctions on these countries: a ban on arms-related exports and sales, controls over exports of dual-use items, prohibitions of economic aid and various financial and other restrictions (State Department, 2013).

Hizballah (Party of God), a Shia Muslim organization, was established in 1982 as a response to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. Hizballah has several different goals and is funded in many ways. It was not until October 8, 1997 that Hizballah was classified as a Foreign Terrorist Organization, even though they had been linked to several terrorist attacks dating back

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