Coursework Playlists

Custom Designed Playlists

We now offer an individually customized playlist that is designed to educate as well as to entertain. This unique tool is a powerful addition to any class curriculum, professional training or media library.

Below is a sample playlist that can be custom-designed to align with any training or event. With your custom designed playlist you will be able to scroll through and watch any video in full screen format.

This playlist showcases a selection of films that are often used in training, course work and staff development. 

It’s that easy.

Your playlist can be created with any number of films and can be viewed an unlimited amount of time, within the period of your choosing. We can also customize your playlist page to include your school or agency name and logo.


1. You select the films – or ask us! We can suggest films to align with any topic for your coursework, training, or area of interest
2. Choose the length of time for use – e.g. two months / one semester / one school year
3. We design your Customized Playlist based on the films selected and the length of time for use – we will reply with the related cost.
4. We design the playlist.
5. We will provide you with a password-protected, customized “playlist”, in an easy, online, user-friendly format.
5. It’s that easy.

Phonemic Awareness


Meet Poppy

Poppy is a curious, imaginative, and playful kindergartener who loves language, puns, play-based activities, and collaborating with friends. Her favorite subject is reading and she gravitates toward fiction books with imaginative storylines. In reading workshop, Poppy and her classmates choose what they read, picking books they’re interested in that are “just right” for their reading level. Poppy is currently reading ahead of her grade level, so having the autonomy to choose her own books makes reading a much more enjoyable experience. During a class-wide ocean biome project, Poppy and a classmate partnered on a design thinking challenge where they were tasked with creating a device that would help clean and protect ocean animals affected by an oil spill. With her passion for animals, this project was very exciting for Poppy, and her empathy for the animals informed the design that she and her partner devised. 

Whether spelling a word or drawing a picture, Poppy likes to get things right the first time. This term, she’s made significant progress in reframing non-perfection as an opportunity for learning and improvement. She is also increasing her independence and becoming more resourceful by utilizing the resources at her disposal to make progress toward her goals.

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