A Barking Dog Seldom Bites Essay Definition


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Dogs are expected to bark and bite. They guard our homes from intruders. Whenever they see a stranger, they bark. There are dogs that bark too much. It is a fact that such dogs rarely bite. They only try to frighten people away by their loud bark. On the contrary, there are dogs that do not bark too much. Around us we find people who talk too much without meaning anything serious. They utter big threats, but are not capable of putting them into practice. Instead, people who remain quiet are to be watched. They believe more in practice than in mere talk. If they mean to do something, they would not waste time on un­necessary threats. They speak after they put into practice whatever they mean.

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The Story of a Macho Man and his Docile Wife

An Apocryphal Story

A newly married Male Chauvinist Macho Man used to bully his simple, young, naïve, frail, meek, docile wife into submission. 

The Macho Man treated his Docile Wife like a slave and made her slog throughout the day.

He made her do all sorts of work and made her life miserable by imposing on her his excessive demands. 

He mercilessly ordered his hapless wife to whatever he wanted her to do and made her to dance to his tune and she meekly submitted to his bidding.

Every morning he used to threaten her:

“You better do what I tell you – or else I will do something you won’t like.”

On hearing these ominous words uttered by her fierce looking husband, the terrified submissive wife used to tremble with fear and meekly obey her ruthless husband and do whatever work her husband ordered her to do.

One day, the frail docile wife was totally overcome with fatigue. She was on the verge of collapse. 

Suddenly her husband shouted at her and started ordering her around, saying: 

“You better do what I tell you – or else I will do something you won’t like.” 

The hapless wife was so exhausted and fed up with her domineering husband that this continuous scolding became too much for her to bear. 

So defiantly, but with tremors of trepidation in her heart, the docile wife asked her macho husband:

“Suppose I don’t do the work you order me to do. Tell me, suppose I refuse to do the work you order me to do, just what will you do that I wont like...?

The Male Chauvinist Macho Man looked self-effacingly at his “docile” wife and said:

If you refuse and you dont do the work I order you to do ... well, then I will do the work myself ...”

Moral of the Story : Barking Dogs Seldom Bite 

Corollary: So beware of the “Dog” who does not bark (for he or she may bite, or worse, “back bite”)

This story also tell you how to deal with bullying and bullies and those who keep threatening you with “dire consequences”:

If someone tries to bully you or threaten you, just call his bluff.


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