Person Centered Counselling Essay

My Understanding of Person-Centred Counselling Essay

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Write an essay of your own choice, e.g. “My understanding of person-centred counselling”. Relate and refer to your own life experience and/or your work context.

I am on a life-long path as a Skilled Helper (Egan) with some training in Integrative Psychotherapy. I am currently striving to integrate Carl Rogers’ ideas and practices into my existing knowledge framework whilst attempting to see previously identified phenomena through new eyes. My aim is to use this knowledge to influence my practice as co-creator of therapeutic relationships. My principal aims in this essay are to define some of the basic ideas of Rogers, to then describe how this links and informs his notions of a joint therapeutic endeavour through his Core…show more content…

Rogers seems therefore to be describing an emotional consequence resulting from what the behaviourist BF Skinner called positive and negative conditioning. He conceptualised Conditions of Worth as the limited ways in which a person could see him- or herself as being valued. The formulation was also influenced by psychoanalyst Erik Erikson and his ideas of the early stages of development. Rogers asserted that the child who learns trust and a sense of personal control are more likely to have a sense of self agency and robustness in the face of later difficulties. This comes about when conflicts find a successful resolution leaving both parties emotionally respected and intact. Thus Rogers’ more developed model of how a child is socially instructed can encompass concepts such as shame (Psychoanalysis), Modelling (Albert Bandura) and ideas of Internalization, amongst many others, and as such is more of a meta- model of growth of the personality.

In James’ case he knew that if he worked hard at school he could gain his fathers approval. However it seemed that he was in the shadow of his brother, who was also under the same pressure. He had turned to cheating to get better marks to avoid his father’s disapproval. James’ own sense of right and wrong were being clouded by his loyalty to- and competition with his brother, also his need for approval from his father and his sense of duty to protect his frail mother by “not

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Skills Used in Person Centred Counselling Essay

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ABC Level 3 Certificate in counselling skills
Assignment 8 ‘Definitions of Counselling skills’
Unit 3, Criterion 1.3

The skills used in counselling, vary from model to model, here are definitions of the skills used in person centred counselling, Attentiveness and rapport building
Being attentive means giving all of your physical attention to another person so that you are fully present for them. This will help you to notice what the client is NOT saying, by noticing their body language, and also their tone and pace of voice. The use of non-verbal cues and the counsellor’s own body language conveys to the client that he is interested in what the client has to say. (Bolton 1979). Managing silences from the client shows…show more content…

It allows time for the client to collect their thoughts, and process what has happened in the session. The counsellor should let the client be silent but still be attentive, but not try to rush the client or fill in the gaps or silence, as this would be insensitive and could damage the counsellor-client relationship. The counsellor should track the client, if the silence is going on for a long time. Sometimes the client gives a sign, like maybe looking directly at the counsellor, and catching his eye the counsellor could encourage the client to try to continue by being gentle and accepting of what was said before the silence. (Course handout 2013).
Empathic listening, Unconditional positive regard and Congruence
Empathic listening “means entering the private perceptual world of another and becoming thoroughly at home in it. It involves being sensitive, moment-by-moment, to the changing felt meanings which flow in this person, to the fear or rage or tenderness or confusion or whatever that he or she is experiencing. It means temporarily living in the other’s life, moving about in it delicately without making judgements” (Rogers 1980 A Way of Being).
What this means is that the counsellor puts himself in the client’s shoes and sees things through the client’s eyes, (his internal frame of reference). When a counsellor does this, he knows and feels what the client is feeling as if he himself is feeling it, and so creates empathy and

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