Math 203 Mcgill Assignment Abroad


Mathematics & Statistics (Sci) : The project will contain a significant research component that requires substantial independent work consisting of a written report and oral examination or presentation.

Terms: Fall 2014, Winter 2015, Summer 2015

Instructors: Djivede Kelome, Antony Raymond Humphries, Jean-Christophe Nave, Gantumur Tsogtgerel, Adrian Roshan Vetta (Fall) Djivede Kelome, Sergey Norin, Payman L Kassaei, Gantumur Tsogtgerel, Eyal Z Goren, Frederick Shepherd, Antony Raymond Humphries, Linan Chen, Abbas Khalili Mahmoudabadi, David Stephens, Dmitry Jakobson (Winter) Djivede Kelome, Adrian Roshan Vetta, David Stephens (Summer)

  • Fall and Winter and Summer

  • Requires Departmental Approval

  • Students are advised to start contacting potential project supervisors early during their U2 year.

  • Prerequisite: appropriate honours courses with approval of the project supervisor


MSc in Electrical Computer Engineering, (enrolled)
Concordia University, Montreal, QC

BS in Computer Engineering, 2004

Major courses: Engineering Mathematics, Digital Hardware Design, VLSI, Mixed signal design (Analog/Digital), Software verification and validation, Quality Engineering

Major courses: Calculus, Microelectronics, Computer Hardware, Software Engineer


Concordia University TA, university, Cegeb, individual & group tutoring experience : Maths, Calculus, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering courses.

======== Industry Professionals ==================

- SCRUM Training (1 Day course)
- Git repository (1 Day course)
- SOAP UI (3 Days course)

======== McGill University =========================
(MATH-140, MATH-141)

-Programming Java, C, C++
(COMP-202, COMP-206, COMP-322)

-Introduction to Differential Equations

-Statistics Beginners/ Advanced (Science, Business, Social Sciences)
(MATH-203, MATH-204, PSYC-305)

-Physics I/II
(PHYS-101, PHYS-201, PHYS-141, PHYS-142 )

-Linear Algebra

======= Concordia University ===================
(MATH-264, MATH-265, MATH-214)

-Programming Java, C, C++
(COMP-218, COMP-248, COMP-249, COEN-243, COMP-244)

(ENGR-213, MATH-370, MATH-371)

-STATISTICS Beginners/ Advanced (Science, Business, Social Sciences)
(STAT-250/371,SOCI-212, INTE 296 )


(MATH-203, MATH-202)



========= Dawson College ==========================
(201-106-DW, 201-105-DW, 201-NYC-05)


(201-NYA-05, 201-NYB-05 )

(203-NYA-05, 203-NYB-05)

(420-BXC-03, 420-213-DW)

========= Marrianpolis College ====================

========= Vanier College ==========================
-Basic Alebra
-Introduction to Statistics
-Physics 1/II
-Computer Science

I have taken advance teaching method classes to provide better help to students. Fluent in English and German language

I also have 2 years of industrial experience as Intern Engineer:

-Texas Instruments Germany(Erlangen, Germany)
-Siemens (Concord, CA, USA)

Contact No. 438-338-2225


Outdoor sports, surfing, rock climbing, hiking and camping, volunteer contra costa community services.

Preferred Subjects

Algebra, Calculus, Differential Equations, Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Computer Skills, German, Physics, Science, Geometry, Statistics, Trigonometry, Math, Linear Algebra

Iftikar A.

Client Reviews (8)

Iftikar A.

He is very organized. He will make a good study plan. He gives good exercises and will go over past exams with you. I have only done two sessions with him until now and I am already satisfied. I feel in good hands. Thank you UniversityTutor

Posted about 5 years ago by Armelle

Iftikar A.

Very great tutor! Great at explaining and very helpful. Use him to help understand concepts and go over past exams rather than do assignments

Posted about 5 years ago by Meagan H.

Iftikar A.

David is great tutor he has helped me through Calculus I and II during my first year in Engineering at McGill. He always explained things clearly and in detail by giving me examples that I could understand easily. He communicates very well, is always available and is a great guy. I highly recommend him.

Posted almost 7 years ago by Charles

Iftikar A.

Dave is an excellent tutor. I contacted him only two weeks before my final. I wasn't expecting much, a passing grade would have been good enough but after our first few meetings I was sure I could do much better. We covered webwork, past exams, problem solving techniques and almost everything else in a very short period. He knows what level and pace to teach with and building up to more complicated concepts seemed effortless then. My basic concepts weren't great and to improve on those, learn new material and be able to get a B after the final was a big leap. I have no complaints and I'm sure I'll contact him if need help next semester.

Posted almost 7 years ago by Rizwan A.

Iftikar A.

Dave was a very helpful tutor. I contacted him extremely last minute and he was still able to find the time to help me out and accommodate. I have zero complaints to make and I would definitely recommend him as a tutor to anyone who is looking for one.

Posted about 7 years ago by Gill B.

Iftikar A.

Excellent tutor. Knows exactly at which level to start with in order to explain more complex concepts. I had very little clue about a particular section to start off with, but after leaving the tutoring session was very confident with handling those types of problems. Sets the pace to your needs. If you need something re-explained, no problem. Very easy-going, professional and effective tutor. Would definitely recommend. Helped me improve my assignment grades and probably my midterm as well!

Posted over 7 years ago by Meghan R.

Iftikar A.

I had a first meeting last night. This tutor is very professional : a computer expert with incredible pedagogical skills. I am a teacher looking to update and improve my computer skills. Just one introductory meeting, and I already see a difference!

Posted over 7 years ago by Melissa M.

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