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Better late than never...

Better late than never.

Better late than never.

This proverb advises that it is better to do a thing belatedly than regretting for having failed to do it in time, thinking that it can’t be done again. Many times in life we either don’t get the opportunity or we miss the opportunity. During such times we should not worry about the lost opportunities but instead we should try to continue doing the job. Thus this proverb tells that no should feel failure in doing something in time. Though it is late when he acts with all the vigor he can reap the success, for time is not a barrier for a talented man.

We should not think that youth is the appropriate time to achieve anything. It is not correct. It is foolish to think that one will have no capability to do something extraordinary in grown up age. Life is ceaseless and lots of opportunities would come in the way of life. Many people take up jobs very early in life. Such people do not have much scope for promotion since they may not have the correct educational qualification. But nowadays there are many schemes for this like distance education and Open University system education where they can join and get their required qualification. The most important thing is the person should have willingness to do certain thing. If he has the willingness even time will not be a constraint for him.

Better pay the cook than the doctor.

The main theme of the proverb is that we should pay the cook to prepare a nutritious and hygienic food. If we do not do so the cook will not prepare a proper food and so we will not get a well cooked food and so we will fall ill and end up paying money to the doctor to get the illness cured caused by eating the ill cooked food. Though the proverb talks about the food and the cook the main meaning IN that whenever we have a problem we should address the root core of the problem rather than the superficial clement of the problem.

The people who do not keep their health fit visit the doctors with complaints of ill health. Taking ill cooked food can also cause other ailments. We should do our best to maintain our health, since health is wealth. If we like nourishing food, we shall never fall ill and so shall never visit the doctors. We should never hesitate to spend money on nutritious foods like milk, fruits and vegetables. Also, we should pay the cook well to prepare the nutritious food for us. The well paid cook can provide well cooked food. Instead many people hesitate to spend money to nutritious food. So whenever we have a problem we should always realize that it is wise to find out the root of the problem and solve it from where it starts rather than to superficially address the problem.

Better late than never.


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Better Late Than Never

In life, we sometimes come across some late bloomers in our own family or elsewhere. Such were Einstein, Churchill, Gandhiji and several others. Modern scientists tell us that they or at least some of them, suffered from dyslexia. It means that even though they were really intelligent, they could not express their intelligence in their speech or on the paper.

It does not mean that if a person has once missed the bus, he will always miss it. If a student once fails in an examination, he should try once again. He may pass the examination the next time. He may get even very high marks which a renewed study of curricula can ensure him.

If any of the members of our family or anybody in our social circle falls in evil ways, he may not be shunned and treated as a pariah. Instead, he should be given a chance to improve his ways of life. We ourselves can come to his rescue and help him in changing the course of his life for the better. The famous film actor Sanjay Dutt had got addicted to drugs. With the help of de-addiction specialists and through sheer will power, he came over it. Others can take a cue from him and again become useful members of society.

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