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What is a MBA Reapplication Essay: MBA reapplication Essay is written by an applicant who is reapplying to business school within a stipulated time frame suggested by the university. Business schools ask students who have previously applied and were rejected to submit a re-applicant essay along with the application essays at the time of applying. They retain the applications for the two to four years. Referring to the previous application or notes of previous committee is on the discretion of current admission committee members. So, for some universities, applying within one year would be considered as reapplication and some others would consider an applicant as a re-applicant for as long as four years.  This article discusses points to be included while crafting MBA reapplication essays.

Getting through an MBA program is a tough job for both fresh applicants as well as re-applicants. With a very high number of applications each year, the percentage of admits each year is going down. While some universities provide detailed pointers to rejected students regarding improving their reapplication, some others give feedback on request to only those who were waitlisted and rejected and a few do not provide any feedback.


MBA Reapplication Essay questions:

  • National University of Singapore: Please provide an update on any new aspects of your professional, international, academic or personal profile that would not have been included in your previous application. Please also explain your motivation for re-applying to NUS. (Maximum: 300 words)

  • Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley: For re-applicants, improvements to your candidacy

  • Booth School of Business, University of Chicago: Re-applicant Essay: Upon reflection, how has your perspective regarding your future, Chicago Booth, and/or getting an MBA changed since the time of your last application? (300 words maximum)

  • Stern Business School, New York University: If you are a re-applicant from last year, please explain how your candidacy has improved since your last application.

MBA Reapplication Essay: Show improvement

MBA Reapplication Essay questions are loud and clear: How have you improved your profile since your last application? Unlike other essays, re-applicant essay clearly asks to show improvement i.e., the skills and experiences you have gained since the last time you have applied.


To do the above, you need to do an unbiased review of your application before you think of reapplying. Until you know where you have lacked in your application, you will not be able to improve in those areas making the reapplication process a fruitless exercise resulting in disappointment once again. Review process starts from the GMAT test and continues to the last essay. Also, consider the time of the application. Applying in the first round has its benefits as opposed to the last round where you would be competing against a bigger number of applicants for a smaller number of seats.


MBA reapplication essay asks you to mention how you have grown since the last time you applied for the programme. There should be strong improvements in your application documents. All the application documents should be saying ‘Improved’ which will be reiterated in your essay. The skills you have gained, the projects handled and your role, the certifications you have worked for, the steps taken to improve those skills, the change in your perspectives now that you have gained or improved at certain aspects. Emphasize on the time elapsed since the last application. The learning through the improvement activities and how you are in a better place to do the MBA programme now.


The catch in MBA Reapplication Essay question is the word count. Emphasizing on improvements in 300 words is tough. Divide the essay into 3–4 paragraphs of 75–80 words each and concentrate on one skill, aspect or improvement per paragraph.


Reapplying to Business School

Treat your reapplication as a fresh application. Work on each aspect of the application with a fresh perspective. Do not send the same essays that you sent as a part of the previous application. Rewriting the essays and changing the recommender are not the only solution for reapplying. Neither is only scoring better in GMAT and applying with the previous essays.

Like the other essays, there is no formula for a perfect MBA reapplication essay. Improved is the keyword.


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MBA Reapplication Essay: Things to consider before you reapply

Improvement Area


School Selection

Rethink schools based on your profile


Take a retest if your GMAT scores are towards the lower range


If your GPA is low, score well in GMAT and do management related certifications


Review your choice of recommenders and skills for recommendations

Leadership and

Team player skills,

Communication skills

Engage in projects which will showcase your leadership and team spirit. Participate in clubs promoting communication skills. Build a soft skills development plan for yourself.

Certifications earned

Choose the right certifications for your profile enhancement. If possible complete them from the best places possible.

Projects handled

Work on a variety of projects both job related and extracurricular


Revamp your essays, update them with anecdotes and content

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A year ago you put together what you thought was the perfect application at your dream school and when the smoke cleared things did not quite work out as you expected. So you’re back at it again, a year has past since your last application, and you’re ready for another shot at admissions glory at your dream school. Of course you spent the year wisely improving your profile and now its time to tackle the re-applicant essay, but what should you include?

The optional essay should be all about showing admissions how you have changed (and hopefully improved) in the interim time between applications. The first step should be conducting a personal year in review. Take inventory of all the great things you accomplished over the year and frame them for admissions. Let’s look at the ideal areas candidates can mark improvement in their profiles in the re-applicant essay.


Did you suffer from a low GPA or poor performance in analytical classes? Show the admissions team how you improved or counteracted past poor performance. If you took additional coursework or gained another degree in between applications this is a great place to showcase all of your hard work.


The GMAT tends to be one of the biggest reasons students believe they are denied admission. If you made a major improvement on your GMAT, share it in this essay. But don’t stop there. Share your hard work and how this score is a more accurate reflection of your aptitude and watch as potential red flags disappear in your profile.


Were you really ready for business school? Some applicants suffer from lack of work-related accomplishments, impact, and management experience resulting in tough news come decision day. If you have received a promotion, more responsibility, led others, closed big deals or otherwise made a major impact at your company – the school wants to know. Don’t waste this opportunity to highlight the great work you did during the year. Additionally, changing jobs or careers warrants a mention as well. New roles can really show growth, round out a candidate’s profile, and eliminate skill gaps for the applicant.

Career Goals:

Have your career goals changed or even simply been refined? Lack of clarity with regards to career steps post-MBA can signal lack of research and immaturity when it comes to the process. Schools want to admit candidates they feel can be placed in their careers of interest. If in the past you have identified goals that don’t sync up well with your background or the specialties of that particular school, this may have been a reason for being denied. Re-evaluate your goals and make sure they are well aligned with your background and your target school. Don’t let this opportunity to explain any changes in your career trajectory pass you by.

If you’ve done your job in between your last application, writing the re-applicant essay should be the final piece in helping you claim a spot on decision day.

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Dozie A. is a Veritas Prep Head Consultant for the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. His specialties include consulting, marketing, and low GPA/GMAT applicants.

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