App State Study Abroad Application Essays

Located in East Lansing, Michigan State University is a large public institution with over 50,000 enrolled students. Michigan State offers an education focused on bettering the common good and everyday life, while also providing research and study-abroad programs in popular fields such as business, agriculture, and engineering.


Outside the classroom, Michigan State boasts of numerous student clubs and organizations, including Greek life. The university’s strong performance in NCAA Division I athletics — especially in football and basketball — makes the high-spirited green-and-white Spartans nationally well-known.


Michigan State accepted around 66% from the applicant pool this past year. For applicants, MSU requires two personal statements, a task that may initially seem challenging. CollegeVine has prepared this guide to help you tackle these prompts with success!


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MSU Application Essay Prompts

This information is posted as a courtesy. Appalachian State University and OIED in no way guarantee the available funding or receipt of such award. Review each scholarship or grant closely for requirements and eligibility.

Scholarship Application Deadline Awards GPA MinimumProgram Length Minimum Special Qualifiers
Academy of International Business Southeast Joint Scholarships
Open to any student studying abroad in Asia in the current year whose minor, major, or masters is in the field of international business. Submissions must be jointly submitted by a student and a faculty advisor.
AIFS Affiliate Scholarships
For use only with AIFS semester or Summer programs. AIFS offers specific scholarships for diversity (minority, Hispanic, First Generation) and financial need
All The Rooms Scholarship
600-800 word essay in PDF, can be used on any study abroad program
API Affiliate Scholarships
For use with API Semester programs only. API offers specific first generation, diversity, athlete, and STEM scholarships
Beijing Government Scholarship
Varies by student type: Scholarship for exchange student 5,000 RMB/person/year.
Applied for through Chinese University.
Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
For Spring and Summer programs- October, For Fall and Academic Year- March
up to $5,000, over 2,800 awarded
Must be receiving the Pell grant. Preference given to diverse students (diversity, minority, Hispanic, first generation) and non-traditional destinations. Semester programs. On-Campus Advisor: Joanie Andruss,
BUTEX Scholarships
For use with British institutions (United Kingdom): Keele University, Kingston University, University of Sunderland, University of Lincoln, and University of Roehampton. Must study for a Semester or an academic year
CEA Affiliate Scholarship
For use with CEA Semester programs only. CEA offers specific scholarships for financial need and diversity, as well as merit-based scholarships
CIEE Affiliate Scholarships
For use with CIEE Semester programs only. CIEE provides specific merit-based and need-based scholarships
Corinne Jeannine Schillings Foundation
Must be a Silver or Gold Award Girl Scout. Open only to undergraduate students. Application must be mailed.
Critical Languages Scholarship Program
Funded Summer Language Programs
The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program is a fully funded summer overseas language and cultural immersion program for American undergraduate and graduate students. Languages offered: Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bangla, Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Punjabi, Russian, Swahili, Turkish, Urdu. On-Campus Advisor: Joanie Andruss,
DAAD Scholarship
January for following academic year
€650/month, insurance, travel allowance
For study in Germany. Must study abroad in 3rd or 4th year. Can be used for longer internships, senior thesis research. Semester programs
Delta Phi Alpha German Study Abroad Scholarships
Must be a Delta Phi Alpha member with the Appalachian chapter. Must travel to German speaking country.
Diversity Network Summer Scholarship
Applicants must be full-time undergraduates. Economically disadvantaged students, African-American/Black, Asian, Hispanic/Latino, Multiracial/ethnic or Indigenous/Native-American, students with disabilities and first generation college undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to apply.
FlipKey Study Abroad Scholarship
1 $1,000 scholarship for study abroad
Freeman Asia Scholarship
October (Spring and Year), March (Summer), and April (Fall)
$3,000-$7,000, 350 per year
For travel to Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam; Semester programs
Fulbright U.S. Student Program
Provides grants for individually designed study/research projects or for English Teaching Assistant Programs
During their grants, Fulbrighters will meet, work, live with and learn from the people of the host country, sharing daily experiences. The program facilitates cultural exchange through direct interaction on an individual basis in the classroom, field, home, and in routine tasks, allowing the grantee to gain an appreciation of others’ viewpoints and beliefs, the way they do things, and the way they think. Through engagement in the community, the individual will interact with their hosts on a one-to-one basis in an atmosphere of openness, academic integrity, and intellectual freedom, thereby promoting mutual understanding. Grant lengths and dates vary by country. Please consult the specific country summary for details. On-Campus Advisor: Joanie Andruss,
Fund for Education Abroad
January yearly for Summer, Fall, and Spring programs
$1,250-$10.000, 50 grants per year
Preference to non-traditional destinations, study of host language, financial need, volunteer component, diverse students (diversity, Hispanic, minority, first-generation). Dedicated scholarships for LGBTQI, travel to Mexico, Central America, South America, France, Germany, and athletes. Semester programs
Generation Study Abroad France Scholarship
Rolling Consideration, Final Deadline 2/15/18
Must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident of the U.S., have Sophomore, Junior or Senior student status. Must be 18 years old at time of departure to France, and show evidence of diversity. Diversity in this context includes but is not limited to: financial need, first generation student, non traditional student, from an underrepresented racial/ethnic group, diversity, student with disabilities, underrepresented academic discipline, gender, sexual orientation, veterans, transfer students, students who have never traveled abroad. Only for programs in France for Spring or Summer 2018 terms.
Go Global Scholarship
Must be a US Citizen, have a minimum of 3.0 GPA, and must be currently studying a foreign language
Go Overseas Scholarship
$500 and swag bag, 1 awarded
Must submit a creative photo and essay. Open to undergraduate and graduate students. Faculty led and semester programs
Go Overseas- Study Abroad in Ireland
15 undergraduate and 11 graduate full-tuition scholarships
Only for travel to approved institutions in Ireland. A full-tuition scholarship covers the cost of your tuition for a semester (undergrad or PhD) or a full year (master’s). This does not include accommodation, food, books or additional provider fees.
Go Overseas: New Zealand Scholarship
$15,000 and round trip flight
For a semester program in New Zealand.
Hendersonville Student Ambassador Travel Scholarship
Undergraduate or graduate students between the ages of 16-26 who are in the process of applying to or have been accepted for a study abroad, internship, or work study program of at least 3 weeks. Student must have residency in Henderson County, NC.
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
$500-$5,000, based on need
Must be of Hispanic heritage with full time enrollment; U.S. Citizen, permanent resident, or DACA; emphasis on STEM majors; not specifically for study abroad. Faculty led or Semester programs
IIE Generation Study Abroad Scholarship
March 4, 2018 for Summer and Fall 2018 programs
100 awards of $2,000 each
For use on a program abroad for academic credit, including academic study, internship, research, or service-learning during the spring, summer and fall 2018 terms. A cohort of exceptional undergraduate students will be selected, with consideration given to the following factors: financial need; status as first-generation college students; status as members of underrepresented racial/ethnic/gender groups; diversity; disabilities; and the lack of experience with travel abroad. The Travel Grant would help provide these students with international opportunities that are in line with their academic and professional goals, and essential for today’s graduates. Must demonstrate financial need.
ISA Scholarships
For ISA Semester programs only. ISA offers specific diversity, merit-based, and location-based scholarships
Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship
April for travel the next Spring, December for travel the next Fall
¥117,000~120,000 per month
For study in Japan. Includes monthly stipend, travel allowance, tuition waiver. Education, Japanese Studies, Technology majors preferred. Semester programs (1 year minimum)
JASSO Scholarship for Study in Japan
80,000 JPY per month stipend
Host institution must have been awarded this scholarship. Most Japanese partners have the JASSO application within theirs. Semester program
Lights, Camera, Action: Travel Video Contest
$4,000 grand prize, $1,000 viewer's choice, other small prizes
From the site: We want the best video you can make, no longer than five minutes long, that tells us about your proposed international studies. If you’re already an international student, the video can tell about any trip you would like to take.
Marshall Austria Scholarships
€3,000-€10,000, 1,000 per year
For research in Austria in the field of technical sciences, Semester programs
MLSA Affiliate Scholarships
For MLSA Semester programs only. MLSA offers specific scholarships for Spain and Costa Rica travel
OIED Scholarships
November 1, January 15, March 15
Scholarships for students participating in study abroad programs range from $500 to $2000. Students will be considered for all of the scholarships for which they are eligible, however you are only eligible to receive one scholarship per academic year (August-July). For Faculty Led and Semester programs
Overseas American Study Abroad Scholarship Contest
Open to Undergraduate or Graduate students.
Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants
Faculty Led or Semester programs, must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.75 or higher on a 4.0 scale
SAI Affiliate Scholarships
For SAI Semester programs only. SAI offers scholarships for specific destinations
SAI Semester Pell Grant Scholarship
Students who are accepted to a semester SAI program with Signature Services and will be receiving a Pell Grant for the semester they are abroad, are eligible to receive a $500 scholarship.
Student must create a 60-90 second video or a 500-word essay that addresses how can international travel impact your life. Faculty Led or Semester programs
SelfScore International Student Scholarship
12 $5,000 Scholarships per Year
Open to International Students studying in the U.S. on a F1, J1, or M1 visa during the academic year. Must score in the top 15% on a standardized U.S. college entrance exam (SAT, ACT, GRE, or GMAT).
Semester at Sea Affiliate Scholarships
For Semester at Sea programs. Scholarships offered for diversity, specific majors, and merit
SIT Affiliate Scholarships
For SIT Semester and Summer programs. SIT offers need-based, diversity, destination-specific, and merit-based scholarships. Also a PELL matching grant
SIT Pell Grant Match
April 1 for summer programs, May 15 for fall programs, November 1 for spring programs
Matching funding to Pell Grant recipients, Scholarship awards generally range from $500 to $5,000.
Please note that SIT scholarships are available only for students applying to an SIT Study Abroad program. SIT offers a broad range of scholarships and grants, including our award winning Pell Grant Match. Scholarship awards generally range from $500 to $5,000. To qualify for the Match program students must submit a scholarship application through SIT.
Study in Japan: Bridging Scholarship
For Fall 2018 programs: April 11, 2018
$2,500-$4,000, 75 per year
Study in Japan, open to any major. Semester programs
The Honors College International Education Scholarship
up to $100 per credit hour, exclusively for Honors students
The Honors College International Education Scholarship is given exclusively to Honors students who are traveling abroad for a minimum of two weeks and gaining academic credit for their experience. Scholarships are up to $100 per credit hour; most students receive $50/credit. The scholarship is only awarded one time so students planning to travel abroad multiple times should plan accordingly.
The U.S.-Japan Council Toshizo Watanabe Endowed Scholarship
Covers full cost of attendance to the study abroad program of the applicant’s choice
Open to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in a credit-bearing course of study at a college, university or approved academic center in Japan in the upcoming academic year. Must demonstrate financial need for international study. Preference will be given to applicants who have been raised by a single parent or who have lost both parents (i.e. orphan).
Tortuga Backpacks Study Abroad Scholarship
Fall 2018 Travel: May 20, 2018; Spring 2019 Travel: December 20, 2018
$1,000 and a backpack, 1 per semester
Faculty Led or Semester programs
USAC Affiliate Scholarships
For USAC Semester programs. USAC offers first-generation, military service, STEM, and destination specific scholarships
Walker College International Scholarships
September 1, November 1, March 1, July 1
Must be used for business program
Scholarship funds are available for undergraduate Faculty-led College of Business Study Abroad Programs. Scholarships for short-term, faculty-led programs range from $100 to $1,000. Priority is given to business majors although other majors may apply.
William Glenn Little International Travel Endowment for Health Sciences
Requirement to be a declared Beaver College of Health Sciences student, participating in an Appalachian study abroad program
WSA Cultural Bridge Scholarship
December 1 for Spring programs, Check back for Fall programs
For travel in Europe. Scholarships based on financial need, passion, and merit. Semester programs

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